Friday Photo Post: The PGA TOUR Grill In The San Diego Airport

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You’ll be reading more about this on here down the road, but for those who haven’t discovered it, I wanted to share these photos of the PGA TOUR Grill that opened in Terminal 2 of the San Diego International Airport in May.

The Tour plans to open 20 to 25 of these in the next four to five years. The San Diego location was quickly followed by restaurants in the airports in Honolulu and Las Vegas. Boston is next.
Initially, the Tour is targeting cities that are either PGA TOUR stops or golf hotspots for this. San Diego is obviously both.

The golf-centric restaurants offer healthy menu alternatives for travelers and each location is localized, which for San Diego means murals of Torrey Pines and memorabilia from the Farmers Insurance Open.

I hope to see the place for the first time next week. Photos for this post were provided by HMSHost, the PGA Tour’s partner in the project.

If you visit, or have visited, the PGA TOUR Grill, please kindly drop a note in the comments.PGA%20Tour%20Grill%20angle%203[1]PGA%20Tour%20Grill%20angle%207[1]PGA%20Tour%20Grill%20angle%205[1]


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