JC Golf: A Basket Drill To Check Your Swing Path

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Photos courtesy of Southland Golf Magazine

Editor’s Note: This is a re-post of an instruction piece that ran in the Nov. issue of Southland Golf Magazine. It appears here with an additional photo.

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By Paul Miernicki of Twin Oaks as told to Corey Ross

Owning the first 16 inches of your swing is paramount to a good swing path and is the basis for this easy takeaway drill involving two range balls and a range basket.

Simply put on ball in front of the club (an iron) and one ball behind. Place a tipped bucket about 4 to 5 feet back with the opening facing you. This is your target.

The object of the drill is to take the back and roll the ball into the basket. This is an indicator of a proper takeaway, meaning on plane. If the ball goes to the inside or the outside of the basket, your club is too inside or outside as well.

This is a great drill because it gives all players a visual cue. And it’s especially practical for better players because it promotes a wide swing arc. In short, this drill lets you know your club is going back on the perfect path.

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