SKLZ: Rick Smith Demonstrates Gold Flex


Photos courtesy of SKLZ

This post is part of an occasional series featuring elite PGA teaching pro Rick Smith taken from a clinic he did at SKLZ in Carlsbad. These posts will be a mix of golf drills and training aid demos. In this installment, Rick demonstrates Gold Flex, a training aid that has gained huge popularity on Tour. Rick explains why and provides a guide for using Gold Flex.

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Rick’s explainer: A lot of pros are using this. It’s got a very soft, rubbery shaft with a heavy weight on the end. The objective is to get into a rhythm where you’re feeling the sequence of your swing.

You start by swinging it back and forth to loosen up. Then you want to focus on sequence – arms, hands, wrists and body in unison.

If you cast, like 90 percent of golfers, and disrupt the downswing flow, your mistake will be amplified. It will make you feel like you’ve casted more than ever before.

You want to feel the weight of the head and the softness of the shaft. You want it to cock and uncock smoothly, without any violent action. You feel a lot of power with this when you load and unload it properly. It feels good. It’s a crack-the-whip feeling.

You can use this at home, on the range, anywhere. But one thing about using it on the range: If you warm up with it and then hit some bad shots on the range, go back to it. It’ll help you rediscover your sequence.

Improve your golf swing with the SKLZ Gold Flex- Only $69.99!