King of Clubs: Rick Smith’s Two-Club Tempo Drill


Editor’s note: This drill appears in the December issue of Southland Golf. We present it here with additional photos provided by SKLZ. Also, done at full tempo, this drill is quite impressive to see Rick perform live.

During a talk at SKLZ in Carlsbad in September, renowned PGA instructor Rick Smith worked through golf drills rapid fire in between giving insights about the Tour and stories about his years of teaching everyone from Nicklaus to Mickelson.

Perhaps Smith’s most impressive moment though came after he grabbed two irons – one in each hand. With perfect precision and symmetry, Smith swung the clubs at the same time on the same path from address to full finish, looking a bit like a golf samurai.

Smith was demonstrating one of his favorite drills for tempo.

“Golf is left- and right-sided. This trains each side. It creates a cadence where one arm and the other are moving in a similar fashion.

“If one arm is moving fasting than the other, the clubs will collide. The objective is to swing the clubs smoothly and keep that same distance apart throughout. If you get wrist-y, the clubs will collide. Never collide or cross the clubs.”