Chamblee on Woods


Photo courtesy of USA Today

I’ve read a lot of takes on Tiger since the Farmers ranging from the rational – “It might be time for golf fans to get over Tiger Woods” – to the extreme – “Time to talk retirement?”

However, I haven’t read anything like what Brandel Chamblee has written and he makes his point through a well-told anecdote and piece of golf history I hadn’t read previously. Whether you agree with him or not, I think there are lessons in here for all of us.

I’m not comparing myself to Woods by any means, but I can relate to some of what he writes in that process has overridden result in my swing and taken it down the path Chamblee describes. I’m trying to temporarily ditch analysis and rediscover feel.

Anyway, thought this merited more than a retweet … And if you’re discovering Chamblee in print for the first time, he’s actually quite a strong columnist.