Video/Photo Post: Baseball At Altitude

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I day tripped the Padres game on Sunday, somewhat as an excuse to visit one of my favorite views of the city and to experiment with my iPhone. So here some shots and scenes from the Altitude Sky Lounge atop the Gaslamp Marriott. From 22 stories up, you can see directly into Petco and get a stunning panoramic of Coronado. For a city with a million great views, this is certainly one of them. Enjoy.


Grab a chair. There’s plenty of room to watch the action and soak up the sunshine.


Since baseball action is a bit unpredictable, I used a switch between innings to show how well you can see the action, which is pretty well – as long as the play the middle and right side of the field.

Or you can simply stare at Coronado Island …


And watch the ferry and sailboats pass …

But eventually you have to come out of the clouds and back to ground level, which in San Diego is still pretty great.

street level

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