The Blog Joins the ‘Army’


The blog is proud to announce a partnership with the newly launched An Army of Writers, a team of professionals banded together to provide superior content marketing services.

The Army is the brainchild of respected San Diego editor and writer Kimberly Rotter. I’m one of 13 partner writers from across a range of abilities and specialties chosen for the launch team.

You can find out more about the writers and the project at In short, the Army connects the blog to a company offering a wider suite of services, but with the same core mission of offering outstanding content to help companies connect with their audience and drive business through great exposure and a deeper connection.

The Army begins this process with a consulting conversation, which is a conversation most businesses should be having these days. The Army site outlines the process and provides a road map to results, with great content being the vehicle to a brighter future in today’s multi-media environment.

You can follow the Army on Twitter at @anarmyofwriters. The blog is only too happy to be a soldier in the battle for better content.