Photo Post: Maderas in B & W – The Beautiful Game


We’re obviously fans of photography at the blog, but our secret soft spot is black-and-white photography, which is rarely seen in golf.

That’s why the opportunity to share shots from Mark Ley’s excellent work at Maderas Golf Club is just too good to pass up. Ley is a golfer and professional photographer. He went to Maderas with a photographic plan, but the weather had other ideas. That’s when Ley called an impressive creative audible.

Ley explains in his blog:

I have a love affair with the Maderas Golf Club and have been planning a shoot at Maderas for a few weeks now. I was positive that the marine layer would be nowhere to be seen…. El Nino had a different idea and left me socked in with little visibility when we arrived. I quickly shifted gears and embraced the mood of the landscape. I decided to shoot black and white to make the most of the tones and ended up having a blast!

Ley says his original intent was to capture the beauty and solitude of the game. The solitude is represented by the lone golfer (his uncle) you see in occasional shots. The black-and-white effect presents the beauty of golf in a familiar yet strikingly different way, as is the knack of the format.



We’re providing only a sampling of Ley’s fine photography here, but you can find the entirety of the shoot and his post here:

But on Maderas’ behalf, we’d be remiss to not share his closing sentiment: “Torrey Pines gets a lot of attention, but Maderas is by far the hotter sister of the two.”

Thanks for sharing, Mark, and for giving us a unique perspective on the game we all love.