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Maderas: How A Golf Hat Becomes A Hat – A Q &A W/Amanda Piro

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The summer golf hats are in at Maderas Golf Club and you’ll notice one popular style with a new twist.

The hat by Pukka featuring an oversized outline of the Maderas tree now is accompanied by a bear emerging from the woods. The hats sell for $29 in the Maderas pro shop.

Maderas Merchandise Manager Amanda Piro recently talked about the inspiration for the new hat and what goes into making the hats you buy at Maderas.

Where did the idea for the new hat come from?

The idea came from the bear being the symbol of California, which promotes tourism. Sometimes we’ll use the state flag on the back as well.

The hat with the Maderas tree was really popular a year ago, so we asked the designer to add the bear to advance the design a bit.

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How long does it take to create a new hat?

It takes about six to eight weeks start to finish. The art work is done in Ohio, but they are manufactured in California. Each hat is built from scratch and is made of polyester.

How many varieties of hats do you make?

We order about 12 of each color and about 40 in each style. That’ll last us about three or four months.

Who has this hat been popular with?

It’s a little younger style so it’s attracted a younger crowd. The oversized logo really stands out. And you can do the flat brim that’s in style. We try to hit all demographics with our apparel.

How often does Maderas order new hats?

About twice a year, and we don’t usually carry over styles. I like to switch it up. I don’t like to have people who come once a year to see the same hat twice.

What’s the measure of a successful golf hat?

We want it to be high quality and something you’ll want to wear on and off the course.

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