6 tee

Video Post: No. 6 At Journey At Pechanga, A Tee Shot Unlike Any Other in SoCal

6 tee

Those who’ve played it never forget it. Those who return always look forward it.

The tee shot on the par 4 6th at Journey at Pechanga is simply unlike any other in SoCal. In a region with elevated tee shots in spades, this is the grand daddy of sky balls and dramatic drops to the fairway.

The hole plays a daunting 488 yards from the tips, 458 from the blacks and 441 from the whites, but the elevation change and friendly breeze knock that number down a bit. I’ve birdied it from the blacks going driver/8 iron. That, however, was not my outcome from the tips recently. After my best drive of the day came the buzz-kill question: “Did you see it land?” I had not.

Monday lie

Ugh. I’m sure you can finish the story of that one.

But finding the fairway sets you up for a round-making birdie or a super satisfying par.

Here are a couple looks at a tee shot that makes golfers salivate.