Photo/Video Post: A Saturday Sunset In Laguna


This was taken last Saturday in Laguna Beach, near Montage, not far from the beach entrance off PCH for The Ranch at Laguna Beach.

I’ve been sharing this photo during my travels around SoCal this week and it has inspired awe and glowing reviews from a populace used to seeing beautiful sunsets.

I believe it’s one of the five best I’ve ever seen. What makes it special is the thin cloud layer hanging just above the ocean that split the sunset in two before. I’ve seen this awesome effect before – in fact, my first sunset living in CA was one of these – but I’ve never seen it so close to the water. I’m calling this the snowman sunset.

I took these photos and video perched atop a rock in the ocean, which also helped get the shots. Sometimes you sense a sunset scenario early that has the makings of true greatness. This was one of those. It definitely didn’t disappoint.

If you’re staying at The Ranch, know this beach location is just a short golf cart ride and brief beach walk away. How much more awesomely close to awesome can you get? Enjoy and don’t forget to share your photo at @theranchlb.

sunset 1

sunset 2

sunset 3

sunset 4


sun 7

sun 8