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19th Hole Media: Seven Great Reasons To Get Married At Riverwalk Golf Club

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Have you ever dreamed of getting married on a golf course? Riverwalk Golf Club can make that dream a reality.

Located in the heart of central San Diego, we offer a secluded venue that’s an oasis for golfers as well as couples on their special day. We’re just minutes from the airport, interstate and several hotels, but the hustle and bustle of a big city seems far away when you’re at Riverwalk. Our property is as romantic and unique as it is convenient and accommodating.

The following is a list of seven great reasons to hold your wedding at Riverwalk.

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Maderas: Meet Maderas Wedding Specialist Laura Magid


In the six months since Laura Magid joined the Maderas staff as its wedding specialist, she’s escorted many happy couples down the aisle on their big day.

She’s overseen a record year for weddings at Maderas and looking to be even busier in 2016.

As San Diego increasingly is being discovered as a destination wedding hot spot, so is Maderas, with its scenic panoramic golf course views and unique amenities, such as its private bridal-ready suite La Casa.

In this Q & A, Laura shares her story about arriving at Maderas and what she enjoys about her job and helping couples plan their perfect special day.

Can you share with us a little about the eclectic career route that led you to working with weddings?

I kind of fell into it. I went to school for fashion design yet was hungry to see the world so I ended up traveling the world doing international volunteerism. I worked in Costa Rica and Nepal at orphanages teaching English and managing volunteers.

When I moved back to California, I was able to utilize my management skills and love for fashion by becoming the manager of Coach on Rodeo Drive. We did a lot of press events in Beverly Hills, and I learned quickly how to deal with a demanding clientele.

Soon my love of helping others surpassed my passion for fashion and I was able to create a career in non-profit event planning where I created and managed anything from seminars, to golf tournaments to galas. I was asked to assist a local wedding planner with a wedding and I loved it. It fit my experience, and I was good at the nurturing side of it – and weddings need a lot of nurturing.

But it was actually golf that introduced you to Maderas?

I brought a golf tournament here in 2012. I thought personally that Maderas was a hidden gem. It was known for golf but that put it on my radar as a wedding venue.

In meantime, Laura started her own company and worked with about 150 weddings before joining our staff.

What do you like in general about working with weddings?

Love is beautiful. You only have a handful of events where you celebrate your life changing direction. It’s worth the celebration.

Weddings are a billion-dollar business. In some cultures, people save their whole lives for that one day. People are always going to be getting married. The trends will change, but people will always celebrate these moments in their lives. I found a career that I love, I’m good at, and will always be in demand.

That’s a big win in my book.

What does it mean to be a wedding specialist?

It’s like being a wedding concierge. I work with couples throughout the entire process. We don’t just save a date and then see you then. That’s a special benefit that you get here, having someone with you through the planning, from the catering to the design.

La Casa

That day includes La Casa. How have brides liked that experience?

The biggest thing people can’t believe is that it isn’t extra. It’s just part of the package. It definitely gives the wedding an extra wow factor.

You might get your own suite or a comped room at a hotel at other places, but here you get your own private house that’s fully furnished and with incredible panoramic views.

How do you regard San Diego as a wedding destination?
It’s a hub for weddings. It’s a great destination wedding spot for people all over the country, especially if that place gets a little colder than California. When you look at San Diego as a destination spot, you’ve got beaches, mountains and a great weather pretty much 365 days a year.

Plus, San Diego tends to be more affordable than Hawaii. It’s the perfect destination for a wedding, especially if you’d like to make a vacation out of it.

You are, of course, booking weddings well into 2016. What are you seeing as the trends for the new year?

The DIY weddings, where you hold it on a ranch or some non-traditional venue, are on their way out. I think tastes are shifting back toward the elegant, classic wedding where an all-inclusive is wanted.

Also, with the economy improving, people are putting more money into their weddings. They’re being a little more lavish and are willing to splurge on the details, things like extra outdoor lighting and lounge furniture to make their wedding seem like more of an event.

Call 858.217.2564, ext. 1327 or email Laura at to book your wedding at Maderas. You can also get a tour of La Casa on Tues. through Sat. There’s more information at


Maderas: An FAQ About La Casa, Our New Bridal Ready Room


Earlier this year, Maderas Golf Club unveiled La Casa, a renovated bridal ready room and private luxury suite for the bride and her party of her special day. What follows are answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) about La Casa. Photos courtesy of Brian Kent from ABM Photography.


What is La Casa?

La Casa is a dedicated, detached house that is owned by Maderas Golf Club. It was specifically designed in its interior to be used by brides and bridesmaids the day of the wedding.


What are the amenities?

La Casa offers a make-up table and mirror, a hair chair and a dress-fitting form; a dining area; indoor and outdoor luxury seating; a fire pit with a canyon view; a private dressing room; a large restroom; and a kitchenette that has a Keurig coffee maker. The suite is air-conditioned, and a wood-burning fire can be started to keep guests comfortable if a rare chilly day arrives in Southern California.

champange 2

What food and refreshments does Maderas provide on wedding day?

There’s bottled, filtered water and fresh fruit and champagne are delivered from the Club upon arrival.


What’s the average stay at La Casa?

The average stay is between four and seven hours. Maderas is happy to accommodate outside caterers during this time and works with a number of vendors. During this time, the groom is accommodated by a groom’s man ready room at the Club, which offers locker-room facilities.

How large is La Casa, and where is it?

La Casa is a spacious 1,100 square feet and is used by only one bride on her special day. It’s located one mile from the Maderas clubhouse and is one of the largest bridal ready rooms in San Diego.


Is the bridal party able to park at La Casa?

Yes. There’s ample parking that can accommodate up to 12 cars. Parking at La Casa and the club is free.

When are tours of La Casa offered?

Tours are Tues. through Sat. and can be arranged by contacting Laura Magid at or 858.217.2564. You can also find more information about weddings at Maderas at La Casa is reserved at the time of the wedding reservation.


You can also now find Maderas weddings on Facebook at:


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Maderas: Bridal Bliss – A Look At La Casa


Earlier this year, Maderas Golf Club unveiled its new bridal-ready suite, La Casa.

La Casa, which means “the house” in Spanish, is a fully furnished, upscale space to accommodate the bride and her bridal party on her big day that is located conveniently close to the Maderas clubhouse and ballroom.

The amenities include a kitchen, living room, outdoor patio and a get-ready room with a dress form to maintain the bride’s gown while she does her makeup.

The space is meant to give the bride and her bridal party privacy and luxury on her special day.

To learn more about La Casa, weddings at Maderas or take a tour, please contact Maderas Wedding Specialist Laura Magid at 858.217.2564 or

What follows is a photo overview of La Casa:

living room - straight on

dress form





You can learn more about weddings at Maderas at

Maderas: A Maderas Weddings Q & A W/Wedding Specialist Katy Arrington

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In the three years since Katy Arrington took over as Senior Catering Sales Manager, Maderas Golf Club has become an increasingly popular wedding destination in San Diego.

In fact, 2015 is primed to be a record year for Maderas as the club is on pace to host, even exceed, 50 weddings for the first time. And bookings are already taking place for 2016.

Arrington took some time recently to provide some insight into weddings at Maderas and what makes them special.

What are a few reasons Maderas has become more popular as a wedding venue?

We’ve been consistently renovating the facility since I was brought on as a wedding specialist. The Maderas experience is highly personalized. We’re emphasizing that with each client, and we’re a rare venue that the catering manager stays with you from the beginning to the end.

What does that entire process encompass?

I sell the wedding and then stay with you through the whole process, meaning tastings, planning, diagrams and everything. I’m your one point of contact throughout the entire event so I establish really good relationships with all the clients. And the planning can be anywhere from six months up to 18 months. The bigger the wedding, the more in advance people tend to plan, and I’m happy to be a resource for them.

That relationship building extends beyond the wedding as well. We’ve celebrated people’s anniversaries and them having babies. They become endeared to the club.

What are a few wedding trends you are seeing?

People are choosing other days of the week besides Saturday. We’re seeing Friday weddings and Sunday weddings. We give small incentives for people to book on other days besides Saturday. But there’s not the stigma of Saturday only anymore. Saturday is definitely prime, but sometimes Friday or Sunday can work just as well for a wedding.

Puckett_0611 (800x573)

What role is social media playing in the wedding experience now?

We’ve really increased our emphasis on the web site – – with a focus on social media. We frequently update our photos and we have a sales assistant posting to Pinterest so people can see photos of the great new things we’ve done. We’re also encouraging our photographers to post and all of our vendors – florists, etc. – to post their work on Pinterest.

Amazingly, brides look at that a lot. It really helps them visualize their special day and gives them ideas. They can request things they like, including vendors, who they’ve seen online.

Maderas can host weddings for anywhere from 50 people up to 250. What about Maderas’ size makes it unique for a wedding venue in San Diego?

Our size is a huge selling point for us. We’re at a size where it’s affordable enough for some people to buy out the club for the day and have full reign of the club. A lot of brides don’t want to see other brides on their wedding day so it allows our whole staff to focus entirely on them and their event, which makes their day very, very special.

And we’re one of the few locations that actually thinks about the groom. We do a nice little area for him and the groomsmen. They can watch sports and relax, or golf. We have lots of golfers. They sometimes even the golf the day of – if the bride allows it. (Laughing.) We’ve actually had several grooms golf, shower and go to their wedding.

We offer a private experience, and the parking is easy, and our staff is really focused on the couple. It’s a welcoming environment. We don’t do hundreds of weddings a year here, so each one we do is special and you get the VIP treatment.

And the range of weddings, culturally, that Maderas can host is unique as well …

We’ve done Ethiopian, Persian, Vietnamese, Filipino, Hispanic – basically any ethnicity you can think of. And kosher. We’re a kosher facility. That’s a big one, especially when it comes to catering. A rabbi comes in and supervises the cleaning of the kitchen and the cooking of the food. Everything has to come in brand new and sealed, including dishware. We have a rental company that helps us with that. It’s very encompassing. It’s a two- or three-day process. There are dietary considerations as well.

Puckett_0149 (800x573)

Finally, the next update to Maderas wedding experience is the bride’s suite. What can you tell us about the project?

We have a bride’s suite we call La Casa, the little house. It’s a space where the bride and her bridesmaids can ready for the day in privacy.

There will be a makeup counter, a makeup chair and a form where the bride can hang her dress which she gets ready and does her makeup. The form keeps the shape of the dress is great for photos. We’re adding some nice patio furniture, an umbrella and fire pit outside as well.

We’re also upgrading all the kitchen appointments, including a new coffee maker so it feels like their little home, their little house. And we’ve ordered a bunch of furniture and décor. It should be completed by mid-May and will be a great photo opportunity for the bride and the bridal party.

To contact Katy Arrington about booking a wedding or event at Maderas, call 858.217.2564 or email You can also find more information at