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9th at Laguna

The RanchLB: Nine Great Reasons To Golf The Ranch At Laguna Beach

9th at LagunaNo. 1

It’s Only Nine Holes! – At a time when time is the reason so many cite for not having enough time for golf, The RanchLB provides the perfect golf antidote. It just takes just over two hours to play the nine holes at Ben Brown’s Golf Course. Even the busiest lives can find time for that, right?

And it’s nine holes that will require you to hit most of the clubs in your bag, which makes it great for your overall game improvement whether you’re a beginner or you’re a veteran looking for a tune up.
What follows are eight more reasons the Ranch is the coolest nine-hole course in the country.

Ranch no 1No. 9

A Good Walk – Always – Good walking courses are hard to find in SoCal. Well, you just found one – and it’s one of the best.

Laid out through a canyon, walking the course is a tranquil golf stroll that provides an evolving view of the landscape. Every hole reveals a new facet and adds to your appreciation of the truly unique setting, which is a combination of national park and a tropical island. The RanchLB really is its own little golf ecosystem.

Discovering it on foot provides great exercise and adds a natural pacing to your game, which is how the game was meant to be played.

laguna deersquirrel

To Discover Our “Wild” Side – Did you know there are deer in Laguna Beach? At least three families live on the course and are often seen grazing around the fourth green and fifth tee. You’ll find wildlife on the ground, in the sky and swimming in our streams at The RanchLB, something that only adds to the ambience of our little golf nirvana.

lunchfruit plate

Now On The No. 1 Tee: Breakfast/Lunch – You can enjoy breakfast or lunch on our patio overlooking the course before or after your round. At no other course in SoCal can you sit this close to the action. Our “gallery” is growing as more and more people discover, among other things, one of the best breakfasts in Orange County. And dinner will soon be added to the menu. Our restaurant, Harvest, opens in 2016.

bedrocking chairs

Stay and Play – Also in 2016, you’ll be able stay and play once our 97 hotel rooms, some of which overlook the course, come online. A stay at The Ranch will include free 15-min. lesson/swing analysis (by appointment) to make sure you get the most out of your round. We have a golf course culture we want you to be able to participate in to the fullest.

golf lagunalaguna sunset

Stay and Swim – But if you stay, and do or don’t play, there’s always the ocean. We’re a quarter-mile – a quick golf cart ride – from the wonders of the Pacific Ocean. And if you do venture to the beach, we suggest you stick around for sunset: Laguna Beach has some of the best.

ranch artroom key - Copy

Life In Laguna – The RanchLB celebrates the good life in Laguna Beach and wants you to partake. The city’s many restaurants and shops are nearby and allow you to experience the unique culture of our quaint beach community. Many artists make their homes here, and you can sample their work in many galleries and other venues. The Laguna nightlife is equally artistically alive with musical acts performing throughout town.

bloody marytwilight

Thirsty Thursday – Our popular local happy hour is just one of several themed nights at the course, which also hosts musical guests and movie nights. We aim to provide a complete entertainment experience during your escape to The RanchLB, whether it’s for a day or an extended stay.

You Don’t Have To Stop At Nine – There’s no stop sign posted after the ninth green. You’re welcome to keep going. In fact, if you’re playing it for the first time, you might want to try again. Clubbing the pars 3 in particular can take two or three rounds to get right and varies due to the ocean breeze that sails through the canyon.

And if you didn’t see the deer on your first go-round, a second nine might be mandatory. A birdie, a deer and then maybe a beer … now that sounds like the perfect round at The RanchLB.

Ranch 1

SCGA: The Return Of The Ranch

Ranch 1

Here’s my piece about The Ranch at Laguna Beach in the digital edition of the Southern California Golf Association Magazine. Again, thrilled with how this turned out.

If you haven’t discovered The Ranch yet, I highly recommend. It truly is the coolest nine-hole golf course in the country.


ben brown flag

laguna deer

Another 9

Photo Post: Ben Brown’s Golf Course In Laguna

I made a completely pleasant golf discovery last weekend that I wanted to share with you.

I was invited to play the nine-hole Ben Brown’s Golf Course at The Ranch at Laguna Beach. This is one of those local-secret courses, but it’s too good not to share. From the online description, I gathered little about the course I was about to play after being invited. I recalled a course sign being where this supposedly was – a mile from the ocean off PCH, just past Dana Point – but I’d never heard anyone talk about it.

Finding it is the first issue, though my phone app. got me there no problem. But the turn-in is sparsely and confusingly signed (what’s Aliso Creek?) and easy to miss, especially if you’re still fixated on the ocean.

But what you discover will surprise and amaze you. It’s a beautiful nine-hole layout that wanders through an incredible canyon setting. Every hole is a discovery of fun golf and wonderful scenery, including caves, that’s best taken in on two feet as this course, a SoCal rarity, is completely walkable. In fact, hardly anyone rode the day we played.

The course stretches to 2,221 yards from the blues and presents a fun mix of alternating par 3s and 4s that makes you work through most of your bag. The course and greens were in impeccable shape and provided enough tough holes to keep things interesting. There are at least two holes, both involving creek carries, here you’ve got to play at least twice to figure out how to club right. And I definitely recommend looping this course twice, mostly because it’ll take you no time at all. The pace was terrific here, too.

Oh, and when you arrive you hear rumors about deer. Sure enough, we saw them on our second nine. Deer in Laguna. Who knew?

Anyway, this is where I power down my fingers and let the photos do the talking. Here’s a glimpse of a great, and somewhat undiscovered, south Orange County golf experience.


par 3

par 4




(Zoom in if you can’t see the moon.)

Deer 1

Deer 2

9th at Laguna