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Maderas: Introducing Coasterra


Coasterra, San Diego’s hottest new restaurant concept, launched this week with a private party and is set to open mid-August on Harbor Island.

Coasterra offers a modern Mexican-themed menu and impeccable views of San Diego from across the harbor. A wrap-around patio offers dining ambiance unlike anywhere else in the city. It was nine years in the marking, but chef Deborah Scott and Cohen Restaurant group got it right. What an exciting new addition the local restaurant scene and wonderful complement to adjacent Island Prime.

Welcome to San Diego, on behalf of your partners at Sunroad Enterprises and Troon Golf. We look forward to dining with you very soon.

Here’s a look at Coasterra:






Creamed corn



The evening’s entertainment – the Electric Angels

nite harbor


Photo Post: Maderas in B & W – The Beautiful Game


We’re obviously fans of photography at the blog, but our secret soft spot is black-and-white photography, which is rarely seen in golf.

That’s why the opportunity to share shots from Mark Ley’s excellent work at Maderas Golf Club is just too good to pass up. Ley is a golfer and professional photographer. He went to Maderas with a photographic plan, but the weather had other ideas. That’s when Ley called an impressive creative audible.

Ley explains in his blog:

I have a love affair with the Maderas Golf Club and have been planning a shoot at Maderas for a few weeks now. I was positive that the marine layer would be nowhere to be seen…. El Nino had a different idea and left me socked in with little visibility when we arrived. I quickly shifted gears and embraced the mood of the landscape. I decided to shoot black and white to make the most of the tones and ended up having a blast!

Ley says his original intent was to capture the beauty and solitude of the game. The solitude is represented by the lone golfer (his uncle) you see in occasional shots. The black-and-white effect presents the beauty of golf in a familiar yet strikingly different way, as is the knack of the format.



We’re providing only a sampling of Ley’s fine photography here, but you can find the entirety of the shoot and his post here: www.kleycreative.com/blog/2015/5/30/maderas-golf-club

But on Maderas’ behalf, we’d be remiss to not share his closing sentiment: “Torrey Pines gets a lot of attention, but Maderas is by far the hotter sister of the two.”

Thanks for sharing, Mark, and for giving us a unique perspective on the game we all love.


Maderas: Michael Flickinger Named New General Manager


Following Bill O’Brien’s promotion to Vice President of Operations at Troon Golf, Michael Flickinger has assumed the role of General Manager at Maderas Golf Club.

Flickinger has served as Director of Sales and Marketing at Maderas the past two years after previously being employed as Director of Operations. He came to Maderas from the hotel industry.

Now in his fourth year at Maderas, Flickinger says he embraces the General Manager duties and seeks to preserve the high level of service patrons have come to expect at Maderas.

Noting Maderas has been rated a top-100 public course by Golf Digest again for 2015-16, Flickinger said, “Maderas is a bucket-list club for people. When they come to San Diego, they want to play Torrey Pines and Maderas. We want to make that’s easy for them to do coming from the hotel where they are staying. We want to get more tourists here.”

To that end, Flickinger says a program coined “No car, no clubs, no problem,” will continue. That service picks up traveling golfers at their location and then provides them with rental clubs for their round for a packaged rate. The current rental clubs are brand new Callaway X Hot.

Flickinger said Maderas is also increasingly expanding its marketing thru mobile to reach new and current customers.

“In 2015, we want to do more to reach our core audience, meaning those who already like Maderas but aren’t visiting as frequently as they could be. We want people to be more aware of all that we have going on at the club,” Flickinger said.

Flickinger can now be reached at mflickinger@maderasgolf.com, or 858.451.8100.

Maderas: Aviara Golf Club Joins Troon Golf; Five Highlights of the Course and Experience

teefrom bridge

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Aviara Golf Club at Park Hyatt Aviara Resort in Carlsbad has joined the Troon Golf global network of more than 200 courses.

Currently the annual host of the LPGA’s KIA Classic, Aviara is routinely rated one of California’s top resort courses and is the only Arnold Palmer design in San Diego. Impeccable landscaping and being situated next to the Batiquitos Lagoon define the property, which also features dramatic elevation changes on the front nine.

Each hole is truly a unique experience at Aviara.

“Aviara Golf Club at Park Hyatt Aviara Resort is a spectacular property, and we are excited to be involved,” stated John Easterbrook, executive vice president of operations at Troon. “Located in an ideal golf destination, we are confident that our services and expertise will contribute positively to the facility’s success.”

The property’s amenities include: a two-story, 32,000-square-foot Spanish Colonial clubhouse and the adjoining Argyle Steakhouse with indoor and outdoor balcony seating; showers, locker rooms; an upscale golf shop, driving range and an oversized practice putting green.

Troon players, including Maderas members, can now enjoy playing privileges at Aviara.

For those Troon members unfamiliar with Aviara, we provide the following five highlights of the course and overall playing experience.

1. Immaculate landscape – On the first tee, the starter welcomes you to an 18-hole botanical garden, and that’s exactly what Aviara is. An amazing array of plants and flowers accent every hole. The course is truly a visual treat. There’s always something in bloom at Aviara.


2. Oversized greens –
Aviara is known for having greens the size of helipads. Get ready to stroke some of the longest putts you’ve ever hit if you can’t knock it close.

The greens are the course’s defining characteristic, which is funny considering they were originally a construction mistake. The construction crew doubled the size of the greens on the front nine. Rather than tear up the greens, course officials chose to double the size of the greens on the back to match.

The result is what you might term a happy accident, as players now look forward to the sizable undulating greens at Aviara.

3. Outstanding par 3s – The strength of the course is its par 3s, which many consider as a group to be the best in San Diego. Three of the four feature carries over water and are, again, impeccably landscaped. No. 3, a short par 3 with ponds in front and right, is considered the course’s signature hole. No. 6, the only one without water, is the toughest of the bunch. It’s a long uphill, a nearly 200-yard carry, to a blind green. An ocean crosswind can complicate matters even more here. The two par 3s on the back are all carry over water, with No. 14 being from an elevated tee box. You will want an iron and a camera phone on the par 3s because they are truly beautiful golf holes.

aviara 11aviara 14

Left: No. 11. Right: No. 14.

4. Sweet Treats – Aviara loves to tempt your sweet tooth. There are fresh-baked cookies available next to the putting green and a special treat waiting for you on the course. The course marshal usually greets you on the 8th green with a bucket of Tootsie Pops. Hopefully you’re walking off the green with birdie, but if not, you’ve at least go a consolation prize.

5. No. 18, a beauty and a beast – Besides having the best par 3s, Aviara may also boast the toughest closing hole in the county. This dogleg right offers a beautiful view of the Batiquitos Lagoon from the tee. Savor the view because you might not like what happens next. There’s water right, OB left and likely an ocean breeze in your face. Ideally, you want to place you tee shot just inside the fairway bunker on the left and we recommend clubbing down to a 3-wood if necessary to do it.

You just want to be in the fairway here and not the water. Then you’ve got a long, narrow approach into a green where water is still in play on the left, cascading down a gorgeous waterfall. Par is a great score here, but here’s guessing it’ll take you a few rounds to card one. After playing this course nearly a dozen times, I’m still waiting.


No. 18 at Aviara during the KIA Classic

To book a tee time at Aviara, call 760.603.6900. You can learn more about the course at www.golfaviara.com.

Maderas: GM Bill O’Brien Announces Promotion to Troon Golf


Written with Maderas GM Bill O’Brien

After nine years at Maderas Golf Club, I’m moving on and moving up within the world of Troon Golf. Next week, I’ll report to my new assignment in Scottsdale as Vice President of Operations overseeing daily activities at some of our 200 courses worldwide.

Maderas will to continue to be one of my responsibilities, but you won’t see me here in the daily capacity you’ve become accustomed to. However, I will still be in the area as many family is remaining in Poway while my son, a junior, completes high school.

I relinquish my post as General Manager at Maderas with a great deal of pride for what we’ve accomplished and also a sense of what I’m going to miss about the club. You don’t stay in any place for nine years without making connections, and I’ve appreciated all of them, especially those that’ve helped us raise the level of service at Maderas to be worthy of the Golf Digest top 100 rating we received two years ago, our first.

That accolade fulfilled the promise and potential I saw for the course when I was introduced to it for the first time in 2006. I saw a course with a remarkable layout and well-appointed facilities in a fantastic setting … and with a great story to tell. It really was love at first sight.

And I’ve enjoyed helping Maderas tell the story of San Diego by highlighting the things that make Southern California so remarkable. Setting. Climate. Weather. Attitude. This place has it all.

That’s also what Maderas ownership and Troon saw when they opened the club in 2000 and put it on a trajectory to be elite. I have only tried to bolster that early success and make sure it lives up to that vision daily.

While Maderas has remained a premium golf destination, it’s become even more the last nine years. It’s increasingly now a place to teach and be taught. We renovated and upgraded our driving range in part to give Director of Instruction Chris Mayson and his golf academy a better place to practice and grow.

Maderas is now home to some of the best up-and-coming players in the game in men’s and women’s golf. Chris Mayson and his fellow coaches Skip Van Matre and John Darling tirelessly coach young people and are assuredly making Maderas the home of future champions.

Using the game to changes lives is one of the most powerful things a golf course can do. Maderas has done it, partly, through hosting charity golf tournaments. We’ve raised nearly $3 million annually through charity events, including those for Rady Children’s Hospital and the Toby Wells Foundation. I’m proud of those connections and even prouder to know those proceeds have changed lives.

We’ve also changed lives with our renovated and upgraded banquet area, which now allows to host weddings for up to 300 people some 35 to 40 times a year. That’s a lot a couples and a lot of lives and a lot of moments that that our club is tied to.

The biggest leap of faith a club ever takes is when it agrees to do somebody’s wedding. We’ve hosted more than 300 now in my tenure. Thanks to all of you for letting us be part of your most special story.

And people, and particularly the great and talented staff we’ve assembled here at Maderas, have been behind all of it. When you work more than 40 hours a week, you spend more time with your co-workers than your family. I’ve been fortunate to enjoy that time with a truly great group of people.

Before the raters ever showed up to tell us we were great, I believed it. And now that we’ve been ranked top 100 and Golfweek has named us one of the best places to play in California four out of the last five years, we’re no longer just potential. It’s real. And more and more people are discovering that.

The challenge then becomes not just to maintain but to gain and continue to grow and build of the momentum of these last nine years.

I do believe that there are higher levels of service for the club still to reach, and I’m rooting for the club to achieve those and hope to help it continue to tell its great story for a long time to come because there are even better chapters ahead. I wish you all well.