Aviara’s Tribute To Arnold Palmer: The Arnold Palmer Bridge


As most San Diegan golfers know well, Aviara Golf Club is the only Arnold Palmer design in San Diego. Last summer, the course paid tribute to its architect on its 25th anniversary by dedicating a bridge on the signature par 3 3rd to Mr. Palmer. It’s nice to know there’ll be a lasting tribute to Palmer in San Diego golfers can visit and appreciate – and what a place to do it. In terms of sheer beauty, No. 3 at Aviara is right up there with the iconic par 3s at Torrey. The lush landscaping, dual waterfall and deep tiered green on this par 3 make this hole a sheer joy to play.

When you cross the bridge, you ideally have putter in hand and are walking toward a birdie putt, though the water often has its way. The last time I played this hole, I had hit what looked to be a perfect shot – until it hit the green and spun back in the drink.

But the frustrating of bogey tends to quickly be satiated by the sheer beauty of this hole. Standing on the 4th tee looking back gives you yet another level of appreciation for Mr. Palmer’s work. It’s good to know this gorgeous golf hole will continue to honor a man who gave so much to the game. And his lasting work and memory still will for generations to come. Thank you, Mr. Palmer.


The view of No. 3 from the 4th tee